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This project, started back in 2003, whilst I was part of the Manston support team. As a software developer and encouraged by the keen interest and enthusiasm from the then Manston Airport Director, Alastair Robertson, this unique pictorial archive project was born!. It was by no means short term and is an evolving challenge. However, is it not confined to Manston as other really interesting photos emerged from all around the area.

The beauty of the site is that it will evolve and photographs for example which are not fully described will, I'm sure, hopefully jog peoples memory and in so doing expand and complete various parts of the historical 'jigsaw'.

Inspirational thanks to Alastair Robertson, Edwina Kilford and many other special and enthusiastic people originally at KIA Manston, Gareth Johns from Business Computer Solutions, The 'Walkers' (you know who you are), Ian James, Trevor Carruthers, Mark Girdler and Gina from TG Aviation, John Hibbert, Peter Hales, Chris Lambert, Roy Doherty, Don Turner, Dave Keep, ICOM UK, George Newport, Peter Medwell, Frank Beckley, Peter Turner, Gerry Abrahams, Jeremy de Rose, RAF History Museum, Spitfire Memorial Museum, Simon Moores, Eric McCabe, Tony Jenkins, Met Office - National Meteorological Archive, Planestation, Mike Harvey and Andrew Warrilow. This list is by no means exhaustive, so sorry if I have missed you out!

Dave Williams

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